BF2 : le contenu du patch 1.03

BF2 : le contenu du patch 1.03

Dans Actu , par Robinsoldier le 23 juillet 2005 à 00h13

A peine le patch 1.02 sorti, Electronic Arts< planche déjà sur le patch 1.03 pour Battlefield 2. Le patch, prévu pour fin août, contiendra : "Here are just a few of the fixes you can expect to see in the 1.03 patch: - Server and Client performance improvements. - Improved Server Browser – added Favorites and History Lists. - Point-farming prevention - game will stop Support/Medic/Engineer point farming exploits. - Squads - locked squad leader will get a message if someone wants to join. - Many HUD improvements - see the names of others in your vehicle, zoom level changing depending on vehicle, map zoom depending on map setup (16, 32 or 64 player map) etc. - Teamkilling changes – the logic of how teamkills are tracked will be changed. - Gameplay tweaks - the way transport helicopters work will be tweaked. - Additional scoring changes - players who destroy an enemy commander's assets will be given points. There are over 140 fixes and improvements in the 1.03 patch and we're looking forward to everyone moving to 1.03 to get the best Battlefield 2 experience on a level, cheat-free playing field. " Le patch s'annonce assez complet et corrigera des erreurs liées aux serveurs, des bugs techniques et graphiques, et améliorera le jeu.


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