Team Fortress 2 se fait patcher

Team Fortress 2 se fait patcher
En ce moment, il y a la Game Convention et il y a le reste du monde. Dans ce deuxième univers, Valve vient de se décider à faire plaisir aux joueurs et met donc en ligne un super patch pour Team Fortress 2. Celui-ci apportera dans ses bagages pas moins de 35 succès, une bonne dose de corrections de bugs mais également deux nouvelles cartes et trois versions modifiées de cartes déjà existantes. Ces dernières ont été spécialement forgées pour le mode « Arenaé » qui fait son entrée dans le jeu et qui demandera aux joueurs de venir conquérir une zone se trouvant au milieu de la map en la gardant pendant un certain temps sans s'en faire déloger. En plus de tout ça, quelques goodies feront également leur apparition tels le "Sandvich", "Natacha" ou encore les K.G.B (Killing Gloves of Boxing). Pour télécharger ce patch, il vous suffit d’ouvrir Steam. Team Fortress 2 : Patch Heavy Added 3 Heavy unlockables * Natascha, The Sandvich, The Killing Gloves of Boxing * Added 35 new Heavy achievements Added Arena game mode * 5 arenas: Lumberyard, Ravine, Well, Granary, Badlands Added 2 new maps * Badwater Basin, a new payload map * cp_steel, a community map by Jamie "Fishbus" Manson Changes * Added server map timeleft to upper right of scoreboard * Added new firing sounds to The Backburner> * Removed the Custom Tab in the serverbrowser, and added the Tags field to the base Internet Tab * Increased The Kritzkrieg's uber-charge rate bonus from 10% to 25% * 32 player servers can now support an extra slot of SourceTV * Made the freezecam item panel description easier to read * Players now broadcast whether they chose a team directly or use autoteam * Added proper handling of cart blocking recognition to Payload maps Bug fixes * Fixed bug where switching from flaregun-wielding Pyro to another class meant you didn't get a full ammo loadout on first spawn * Fixed Spy watch arm not using team skins * Fixed weapon switching preventing you from using secondary attacks for a 0.2s window after the primary became available * Fixed players getting stuck in a bad animation state when class switching while spinning the minigun * Fixed a loophole that allowed players to pickup weapons of other classes * Fixed a bug that resulted in players earning more crit chance bonus in large, single damage events than they are supposed to * Fixed an issue with the floating HUD +X health indicators that resulted in them appearing incorrectly * Fixed a bug which caused the minigun spinning & firing sounds to occasionally stop while the Heavy was still firing * Fixes the Loadout player model panel causing the in-game player facial animation to perform incorrectly * Fixed spectators not having the target ID labels display correctly * Fixed the cart alarm sound occasionally getting stuck on in Payload maps

21 août 2008 à 01h14

Par Neji

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